hannah linsky design photo


I'm Hannah "Janie" Linsky. If you know me, you know that there are two things I care about a whole lot - creative expression and justice.

My undergraduate degree in Strategic Communications, with a focus in art direction, from the University of Missouri, gives me a strong background in graphic design and current advertising strategies. I'm a creative at heart and love curating branding, social media and website content to give small businesses and nonprofit organizations the ability to connect with their audiences in an effective, unique way. 

I'm currently pursuing my Master's of Arts in Art Education from the School at the Art Institute of Chicago. This program is setting me up for a foundation in education, advocacy work, and mobilizing for positive change, all through the lens of creativity and art-making. 

I have dreams of nonprofit work focused on youth empowerment through creative expression. But until then, you can find me studying hard, thrifting often and taking pics in the beautiful city of Chicago. 

If you're looking for funky design work or an affordable & artistic photoshoot - you're in the right place! 

Check me out on Instagram (@hannahjaniee). And if you're interested in working together, message me or shoot me an email.  

Let's hang out.