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In one of my graduate classes, for our final project of the quarter we were tasked with finding a creative method to present on the ways in which our racial identity (as well as other identity markers) shaped our worldview and experiences and eventually lead us to education.


Due to my advertising background and love for design, I chose to create a campaign aimed at white progressives who believe they are above/beyond racism or perhaps not racist at all. I wanted to challenge them to confront their own racial bias and privilege, and then work to create solutions and change. 


My intention was not to position myself as more "woke" or to call out a group that I'm not apart of. In fact, it was meant to showcase the very culture in which I grew up and worldview I've held for most of my life, while simultaneously looking at ways to instigate personal reflection and start conversations. All with the goal of creating a more equitable world.  

Project: Branding + campaign 

Role: Art Director + Designer + Copywriter