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MOJO Ad is the premier student-staffed agency at one of the top journalism schools in the country. Our team was tasked with creating a new staff recruitment campaign for the upcoming school year. Our target, The Unconvinced Actualizers, were high-achieving students who wanted to apply to MOJO Ad, but were intimidated by the process. In order to encourage The Unconvinced Actualizers to hit submit on their applications, we portrayed MOJO Ad as a superhero team to highlight the strengths of individual positions and the greatness that can be achieved when working on a team full of individuals with different talents and skills.

Client: MOJO Ad

Project: New Staff Recruitment 

Role: Art Director

CW: Danny Rosenberg  GD: Adrienne Luther

VP: Brittany Emond



We created a trading card for each MOJO Ad position. The front of the cards (left) showcase each hero, their name and the corresponding position. The back of the cards (right) highlight the strengths of each superhero and detailed backstories.


We created these GIFs to live primarily on Instagram and educate Unconvinced Actualizers about each position on the team. The Wordslinger, A MOJO Ad Copywriter, draws his pencils from his holster. The Contortionist, Public Relations Account Executive, stretches her hand to show her super elasticity. Tidal Wave, Content Manager, uses her powers to control the tide of information behind her. Flashback, Video Producer, moves forwards and backwards in time. And the Oracle, Researcher, levitates while constantly absorbing knowledge.


We encouraged Unconvinced Actualizers to take pride in the abilities that make them unique by posting pictures with our life-size cutouts using the hashtag #WhatsYourSuperpower on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories. These cutouts were strategically placed throughout the school of journalism. 


This unique out-of-home tactic used a projector on the outside wall of the journalism school to remind students of an upcoming info session about applying for MOJO Ad. 


We modeled the final project book after a traditional comic book in order to creatively showcase our campaign in a way that captured its exciting, playful nature. Below are a few highlights. (for a peek at the full book click here)

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