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The Community Clothing Swap is an outdoor event that gives you the chance to trade in your gently used clothing and accessories for clothing from other folks in the community. Your stuff gets a new home and avoids a landfill. You get to shop new-to-you items without spending a dime. It’s a win-win!  

Any clothing not chosen during the swap will go toward a free closet available to community members in need. Can’t make the swap? You can still contribute your clothes and they’ll go straight to the free closet! 


To participate in the swap, clothing must be given to Hannah before the swap begins. This means either dropping off or having Hannah pick clothes up in the days beforehand, or showing up on the 27th between 12:30-1:30 to turn in your clothes and receive your tickets prior to the swap starting All clothing contributed will undergo a minor screening process to ensure good condition and high quality of garment. Anything that does not pass the screening will be sent to a textile recycling plant, or can be given back to you upon request. 


Whether you plan on participating in the swap, or just contributing clothes for the free closet, please fill out the form to register! More info can be found in the FAQ below, or feel free to reach out to Hannah with questions or concerns.

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How many items can I take home from the swap? 


You can take home up to as many items as you contributed. (Ex: If you contributed 5 items, you’ll be given 5 tickets that you can exchange for 5 items at the swap). You do not have to use all of the tickets you are given and can always take home fewer items than you contributed. There is a 10 item max per person for clothing contributions, and thus no one will be able to take more than 10 items day-of. 


Are there any items that you won’t accept? 


We won’t accept any items with major signs of wear (holes, stains, etc). We also will not accept any socks or underwear, regardless of condition. Athletic wear, swimwear and bralettes are allowed, but will be held to an even higher standard for condition and quality, due to the intimate nature of those pieces. Shoes are another category that will be screened more carefully.


Are we allowed to contribute jewelry or other accessories to the swap? 


Yes! All accessories such as jewelry, hats, purses, backpacks/bags, scarves, shoes, belts, masks, etc are welcome and encouraged!

Note: Some smaller items, like jewelry, scarves and belts may only be counted as ½ ticket instead of a full ticket. 


How many tickets is each item worth? 


Almost all major clothing items (tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, shoes, purses, etc) will be worth one ticket. There might be some exceptions where clothing pieces are worth two tickets, namely for items that are new with tags, or more expensive designer items, should those arise. Most jewelry and smaller accessories like scarves and belts will be worth ½ ticket. 


How can I be sure that there will be items that are my size or my style at the swap? 


The short answer is you can’t be sure. BUT, the best way to increase your odds is to invite friends whose style you love or whose sizes are more similar to yours! 


How does the screening process work? How will Hannah choose my items and give me my tickets? 


The registration form lets you choose between dropping clothes off to Hannah or requesting that she pick them up from you. Please do some self-screening of the items prior to giving them to Hannah. She doesn’t want to have to sort through 5 garbage bags full of dirty socks and stained white t-shirts! 

Items will be screened for major signs of wear and overall quality. Hannah will record how many items you're contributing to the swap, and you will receive that many tickets to exchange for new clothes day-of. 


How strict is the 10 item limit per person? 


Our mantra for the swap is quality over quantity. We’d rather see each person contribute 5 top-notch items that fly off the racks, than have everyone contribute 10 mediocre items that no one wants to take home. That being said, we are willing to make exceptions, particularly if you have both clothing and accessories to contribute. For example, if someone contributed 8 great items of clothing, but also had 4 pairs of earrings, that’d be an exception we are willing to make. 


Does this mean we can only give you 10 items to look through and screen?

Nope! Please go into the screening process with the expectation that we will not take everything you give us. If you give us 15 items, we may take the best 10 or we may take only 8 items. If items of yours are not chosen, please do not take it personally, as it is not a reflection of who you are! All clothing choices are being made simply to ensure we have the best swap possible. 


What will happen to my items that are not chosen for the swap? 


Up to you! Items that are not chosen for the swap can be given right back to you, or we can donate them to a textile recycling plant for you!

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